• Tim Wai

    I am a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Canada (B.Sc ’02, Ph.D in ’09) where I trained in the fields of mitochondrial genetics and reproduction in the lab of Eric Shoubridge at the Montreal Neurological Institute. I then moved to Germany to pursue my post-doctoral studies in the lab of Thomas Langer at the University of Cologne, where I studied the proteolytic regulation of mitochondrial dynamics and its importance in cardiovascular disease. In 2016, I first joined the Institut Necker Enfants Malades in Paris as a young investigator then to the Pasteur Institute in 2018 as the head of the Mitochondrial Biology Group, supported by local, national, and European funding sources. I obtained my HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) in 2016 from University Paris Descartes and am involved in scientific mentoring programs at high schools (lycées) and universities in Paris.
  • Emma Cretin

    I obtained my Biochemistry degree at Grenoble University and moved to Paris to continue my studies. After learning about mitochondrial diseases during first year Masters course in Molecular Pathologies at Paris Diderot University, I sought out research labs studying mitochondrial biology. I started in 2016 in the Wai lab as a Masters student working on the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial division and now am pursuing my PhD studies on mitochondrial genetic disorders funded by a PhD scholarship from the ED BioSPC.
  • Erminia Donnarumma

    I obtained my PhD from the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy) and then spent a year at the Cardiovascular Center of Excellence of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans (USA), where I investigated the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitric oxide (NO) gasmediators in cardiovascular system, with particular interest on mechanisms of cardioprotection, suppression of oxidative stress via nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 2 (Nrf2)-dependent signaling in both murine and porcine in vivo models of heart diseases, such as myocardial ischemia and pressure overload heart failure. As a post-doctoral fellow in the Wai lab I am interested in understanding the importance of balanced mitochondrial dynamics in cardiac metabolism and function.
  • Cecilia Patitucci

    fter my Master degree in human biology at the University Tor Vergata in Rome (2012), I moved to Paris where I did a PhD at the University Paris Descartes in the laboratory of Mario Pende (2016). My thesis worked focused on the identification of the role of a pro-lipogenic transcription factor, PPARγ, in liver metabolism. I found out the molecular mechanisms leading to its expression and the implication in liver tumorigenesis. Importantly, I identified a novel potential pharmacological strategy of anti-cancer therapy through PPARγ inhibition. As post-doctoral fellow I am investigating the central and peripheral regulation of energy metabolism by mitochondrial dynamics.
  • Aurelien Bayot

    I obtained my PhD from UPMC-Paris VI University, France, in 2010 and then trained in the field of mitochondrial diseases in the lab of Pierre Rustin at Robert Debré Hospital in Paris, with an emphasis on molecular genetics and mechanisms of diseases. I then moved to the UK in 2014, successively in the lab of Mark Pook at Brunel University London and Paola Giunti at the Institute of Neurology (UCL), where I pursued my studies on Friedreich ataxia including basic research in epigenetics and translational research in biomarkers and drug discovery. I joined the Wai lab in 2017, where I am developing functional geneticl screening approaches in inherited mitochondrial disorders.
  • Livier De La Rosa

    I obtained my Master degree in Physiology at the University of Colima in Mexico (2016), mentored by Dr. Xóchitl Trujillo at the Univeristy Center of Biomedical Research in Colima and trained with Anne Devin in cell energy metabolism at the Institut de Biochimie et Génétique Cellulaire in Bordeaux. I specialized on the control and regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis focusing on the expression of the HAP4 transcription factor, using molecular genetic approaches. I moved to Paris to be part of the Wai lab as a PhD student studying the importance of mitochondrial dynamics in cardiac metabolism and heart disease funded by an ARDOC PhD scholarship.
  • Priscilla Thomas

    I obtained by professional license in industrial biological experimentation (Licence professionelle en Bioexperimentaiton industrielle) from the Ecole Supérieure des Techniques de Biologie Appliquée (ESTBA, Paris) in 2015 after a one year internship in the lab of Dr. Catherine Chapon, CEA de Fontenay-aux-Roses where I worked on confocal endomicroscopic studies of non-human primates. I then worked on Alzheimer's Disease studies....In 2016 I joined the team of Prof. Alexi Brice at the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (ICM, Paris) to characterize a new mouse model of spastic paraplegia using behavioural and cellular approaches. This study also served as my thesis work for a diploma obtained fro the EPHE under the direction of Dr. Claire Pujol. I joined the Wai lab in October 2017 as an assistant engineer (AI) to work on the various aspects of mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism.